Adding a new dimension to enterprise collaboration

With virtual and augmented reality (XR), teams can work together in real-time on 3D problem solving, regardless of where they are. It’s ideal when dealing with complex 3D data formats such as CAD models, architectural plans and medical scans, delivering this spatial data in a more intuitive way compared to flat 2D computing.

Radical, the Masters of Pie platform SDK, integrates directly into the host applications that hold the data needed by remote-working teams. It enables those applications to support remote collaboration natively, so that access to the data is frictionless and instant. In this way, dispersed teams become more effective, working from the same, most up-to-date data and synchronising changes, even across different software packages and disparate hardware.

All of the data across all the devices for the whole team

Radical, from Masters of Pie, delivers a fully immersive experience


  • Instant access to live data from source – teams work with the most up-to-date information and don’t have to ‘save’, ‘update’ or reformat and export for viewing
  • Access to host applications from within the immersive environment – tasks performed in real-time; changes and notes automatically captured for the host application, closing the ‘data gap’ and saving time and effort and reducing errors

Across all devices

All forms of data consumption supported across all major device types including:

  • 2D collaboration via desktop and browser
  • Mobile support for real-time collaboration on the go
  • AR/VR hardware for totally immersive collaboration which mimics real-world social interactions through natural tools, interfaces and visualisations
  • Streaming technology enabling massive data sets on low end hardware

For complete and secure collaboration

  • Purpose-built, enterprise grade encrypted server support, deployable on-premise or in the cloud
  • Secure, real-time collaboration saves travel costs
  • Removes data ‘silos’, bringing isolated teams together by enabling work from the same data across different software packages to synchronise securely and in real-time.



Improve effectiveness of design reviews by securely sharing live design data direct from the CAD package to all stakeholders no-matter what device they are using or where they are located. Capture decisions, annotations and actions by automatically injecting them back into the host package to dramatically reduce risk of error


Take a virtual tour around architectural models or point cloud survey data at full scale and view your live designs in first-person. Collaborate in real-time, securely and remotely using intuitive tools for more effective decision making at the critical design stage


Gain a deeper understanding of the problem by immersing yourself in up to date patient data with VR and AR technology. One-click, instant access to the expertise of your team via secure and real-time collaboration capabilities

Our history

Masters of Pie was founded by Matt Ratcliffe and Karl Maddix, two problem-solvers who, from a first meeting in a café in London Borough Market, were inspired to pursue their vision of applying gaming methodologies to solve complex enterprise problems. Matt and Karl both recognised that VR and AR can provide solutions that go beyond an alternative workspace: that they can transform the way teams communicate and interact. Yet, they also understood that some companies inspired to pursue VR/AR were disappointed to discover that legacy systems are not generally compatible with real-time technology, making it impossible to feed live data into the immersive experience. They set out to solve this.

The result is Radical, the Masters of Pie platform SDK, a technology which Matt and Karl are confident will change many industries and move users toward a more natural form of computing. Radical provides enterprises with the ability to create their own immersive applications to transform the way they work. Designed to integrate into any host application where complex 3D and 2D data resides, it ensures secure, one-click sharing of live data, in real-time, across any device. Radical empowers teams to work on 3D problem-solving in a more immediate and intuitive way, even when they’re miles apart. From formative beginnings in that café in London Borough Market, Masters of Pie has gone on to thrive on creating solutions to real engineering problems, to be inspired to create better tools for users and to push the virtual reality industry forward.


Matt Ratcliffe

co-founder / coo

Background in illustration, 3D art in architecture and visualisation.


Karl Maddix

co-founder / ceo

Background in Illustration, 3D art and animation in film and games.