the story behind us, VR & the mission to shake up a staid engineering process

Masters of Pie’s journey to becoming a VR software development company began life in a cafe in London Borough Market. Having met on a project that took a water treatment plant and virtualised it using a 3D game engine, Matt and Karl began to wonder whether they could create something similar themselves.

It was the Oculus Dev kit 1 from Kickstarter that really propelled the founders into action. From this point they immediately knew that computing would be changed forever.

After many prototypes and thousands of demos, the team were confident that this technology would change many industries and move users toward a more natural form of computing.

VR/AR technology enables users to strip away complexity and abstraction and create a democratic interactive language of communication for many different industries. Masters of Pie thrive on solving problems for real engineering use cases, creating better tools for users and wanting to push the industry forward.

"They are coming from a new direction, bringing a fresh and innovative perspective. They understand the problem and enrich and transform it with experience and expertise."

the problem with PLM processes

  • Fractured

  • Abstract

  • Disconnected

A PLM process requires many disciplines working together over a long period of time. The data sets that are produced and evolve through the project are constantly refactored & reviewed. Until now engineers have had to jump from one software island to another in order to translate, discuss and solve problems. This iteration cycle is slow, expensive and unintuitive.

bridging the islands of PLM with VR/AR

  • Optimised

  • Intuitive

  • Liberating

As human beings we have evolved to operate in a spatial dimension – our digital data should be built to match. We believe VR & AR can liberate us from the constraints of flat computing & generate new, more efficient ways of working with engineering software.

Traditional flat computing has meant interfaces and control systems had to be abstracted in order to tumble CAD, add annotation and communicate with other team members. Now, for the first time, we have an opportunity to produce spatial, physical, intuitive systems. VR/AR as a platform, provides a new way to work and share digital CAD data. By giving multidisciplinary teams a digital space, they can walk around ‘to scale’ data, reviewing, annotating and quickly iterating on ideas and drawing on their real world expertise.

we work with the largest engineering teams with the most complex challenges who crave new ways to operate.

We work with some of the most high profile engineering companies in the world. Due to the pressures of PLM, they are striving to find the best software solutions to their problems right now. They want to work with us due to our rapid development and different perspectives on VR & AR we bring to solve the big challenges of today.


A team balancing the intricacies of PLM with a fresh approach to engineering software development & deep understanding of VR & AR technologies.

Our team is currently growing and we have opportunities available for ambitious developers.


Matt Ratcliffe

co-founder / coo

Matt focuses inwardly on the business, managing and structuring the teams to promote a rewarding, exciting environment to experiment and deploy cutting edge technologies.


Karl Maddix

co-founder / ceo

Karl is CEO and looking outwardly concentrates on crafting a vision and direction for the company to move quickly into and make an impact.