Karl Maddix

co-founder / ceo

Pencil and paper, music, storytelling – creativity is my most basic driving force. I am constantly looking for new areas at which to aim my dissatisfaction with the status quo.

I swerved off the natural career path after a degree in illustration. Self-taught as 3D Artist/Animator, I moved to Spain and founded a media company producing animated pilots for children’s television, games content and award-winning short films.

I am always trying to find a way to make things faster, simpler, more intuitive (some may say it stems from laziness). Upon my return to the UK I met Matt at EMC. Taking that philosophy, we realised that if we took game methodologies & applied them to solve enterprise problems we would be breaking down major barriers & complicators that exist within the world of technology.  A new wave of VR and AR devices has allowed me to liberate people from their desktop computers and design intuitive interfaces to improve the way we collaborate and interact with our data.

Shifting the way engineers and operators work with PLM using our technology, and seeing the impact this has on their lives and the way they are liberated, is the most satisfying feeling in the world.