build the collaborative thread

The combined benefits of the Radical SDK with 5G connectivity and cloud services will harness the power of spatial computing with real-time contextual data to deliver the next paradigm shift in operational efficiency.

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Remote expert assistance

By integrating Radical’s collaboration and immersive capabilities, remote experts are able to safely engage with colleagues in virtual environments to aid and assist in training, diagnosing or advising on issues in the field. This approach will bring key subject matter experts and contextual data together to support geographically dispersed teams dramatically reducing travel costs and time to resolution.

Expert capture

Save on time and money while keeping the knowledge base out of harm's way.

Enhanced Diagnosis

Remote service engineers may bring fully interactive CAD data into real world locations for enhanced diagnostic capabilities.

See the right context

Supplement CAD data with live IIoT streams overlaid for added context.

see 3d models in detail

Improve upon current video based systems and bring real-time spatial data into the conversation for a more effective workflow.

Build the factories of tomorrow, today

The new technology enablers of 5G connectivity and server-side rendering will deliver the first-ever factory wide mobile immersive experiences. By combining the functionality of the Radical SDK with this new enabling technology opens up the potential to deliver a broad spectrum of next-generation AR and XR solutions for Industry 4.0.

Smart Factory Industry 4.0

In recognition of Masters of Pie outstanding innovation contribution within technology and enterprise.

“The architectural approach of the Radical platform and its application plugin allows the engineering truth of complex models to be retained whilst still enabling interworking within the restricted modelling world of AR/VR. When fused with IoT instrumentation, the ability to unlock this data marks the start of a digital twin’s journey on a digital thread.”

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Deliver industry 4.0 use cases today

The wheels are firmly in motion to bring about the age of spatial computing and enterprise teams are demanding that these technologies be supported within their daily workflows, along with instant access to colleagues for more effective collaboration. This shift requires robust and flexible connectivity across the wider ecosystem. Masters of Pie call this capability the “collaborative thread”.

Immersive Use Cases Industry 4.0


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