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Deliver any data securely to any device. 

British Army Intelligence solution

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non-verbal communication

Integrate existing secure messaging solutions to support non-verbal communication.

real-time data sources

Integrate a range of intelligence data sources with geospatial data (such as ESRI ArcGIS) to deliver contextual insight in real-time.

Decentralised headquarters

Address the exposure of a single point of failure by securely including remote team members by removing the physical barriers of intelligence briefings.

Design, Logistics and maintenance

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Digital Twins

Fail in software before failing in the physical world. Analyse and simulate issues before they occur, reduce downtime, and better plan production and operations.

Immersive collaboration

Conduct immersive design reviews on aircraft, vehicles, facilities and much more by integrating directly into any CAD/PLM software, reducing production costs and accelerating time-to-market.

Remote expert assist

Bring remote experts and complex 2D and 3D data together to diagnose issues, support maintenance processes, and train teams in the field on complex procedures.

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