add collaborative AR/VR to your design review workflow

Integrate the Radical SDK to seamlessly add real-time collaboration and AR/VR support to your enterprise software.

How does immersive collaboration work?

Radical integrates natively into the host software (eg. CAD, PLM, BIM) establishing a lightning fast, bidirectional link to real-time immersive environments. The ability to remotely collaborate live on the single source of data truth while leveraging the power of immersive technologies will fast track decision making, reduce the design iteration cycle, decrease wastage and minimise manufacturing errors.

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Immersive Design Review

Naturally extend the design workflow by integrating the Radical SDK directly into the CAD or PLM software package. No data import/export is required, one click and immediate access from the host software into the immersive (AR/VR) experience, taking realism and design reviews to a whole new level. Pull through host package features to be accessed in new intuitive ways and automatically capture changes and session data.

Immersive in one click

Launch the VR or AR session via one-click access with no data preparation.


Access to the underlying CAD package to dynamically pull relevant metadata as needed.

extend your software

Customisable toolsets & navigation with familiar concepts, interactions and controls.

See it in more detail

Surface in AR/VR your 2D design data adding a whole new dimension of insights.

Multi-user collaboration

Radical SDK offers software providers the ability to integrate collaboration, pixel streaming and immersive VR/AR functionality natively into the host software solution enabling seamless and secure sharing in real-time of complex 2D and 3D data across AR/VR, Desktop & Mobile devices.

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Easily invite others to join

Set up remote collaboration sessions from within the host package.

Modular Framework

Select the relevant features and functionalities to create new AR/VR, Desktop or Mobile experiences.

External stakeholders

Stream the session viewpoints via the browser to mobile and PC devices.

Build your own tools

Build your own tools on top of the Radical SDK to further customise or enhance the experience.

Proven Enterprise Technology

Radical SDK is now being licensed by over 200 industry leaders around the world, helping businesses to connect remote workers and collaborate more effectively. The Radical SDK makes model creation and design reviews more effective, dramatically reducing iterations and optimising the hand off to manufacturing.

A New 3D Approach to Remote Engineering in the Post-Pandemic World

How real-time immersive 3D collaboration technology is adding a new dimension to problem-solving and remote team working.


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