xr collaboration for smart manufacturing

Digital twins

Review the digital twin in AR/VR to identify issues in software before failing in the physical world. Reduce design iterations, optimise supplier coordination, reduce wastage and streamline handover to manufacturing.

XR on the factory floor

Extend XR capabilities to your factory floor to visualise and interact with data from a range of software applications allowing remote teams to collaborate in real-time on the digital twin.

remote expert assistance

Bring remote experts and complex 2D and 3D data to diagnose issues, support maintenance processes, and train teams in the field on complex issues.

XR Design Review

The Radical SDK is integrated directly into any CAD, PLM or BIM software application natively adding real-time collaboration and AR/VR support. This unique approach of taking the XR collaboration solution to the data is perfect for data-sensitive industries as it allows teams to share data and collaborate securely leveraging existing tools and work processes.

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Effectively leverage remote experts

Enable your engineering teams to collaborate in real-time on customised solutions that combine complex 3D data with contextual 2D data. This will allow teams in remote locations to leverage the digital twin to deliver faster diagnostics, reduce downtime for critical machinery, train remote teams on complex procedures, and centralise scarce skills to be leveraged without the need to travel.

XR Digital thread for manufacturing

Masters of Pie has lead a consortium of technology providers including BT, Ericsson, Qualcomm and NVIDIA to deliver for the Hyperbat factory in Coventry the world-first 5G Virtual Reality (VR) ‘digital twin’ solution. The solution allows remote teams in different parts of the country to connect, collaborate, and interact in VR using the digital twin of the model. By enabling dispersed teams across design and manufacturing to collaborate more efficiently, the technology is set to accelerate the pace of innovation within the UK manufacturing sector.

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See it in action

No matter where you are in your digital transformation journey our team will be able to help you identify the optimum use case. The Radical software solution will embed our capabilities into your existing processes to seamlessly bring XR functionality, complex data and people together. 


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