Make your software collaborative

Enable enterprise collaboration functionality suitable for connecting the remote workforce of tomorrow by integrating the Radical SDK.

Collaboration starts with the data

The ability to collaborate with colleagues, customers and suppliers on live data has never been more vital to business continuity than now. In a post-Covid world, conferencing software has highlighted the importance of connecting people in real-time while also showcasing the inadequacies of available solutions when it comes to bringing complex data into the conversation.


Avoid unnecessary steps like preparing and exporting primary data for import into another tool. Providing direct and instantaneous access to the single source of data saves time, hassle, and makes everyone more productive.

How does Universal Collaboration work?

Radical SDK synchronises commands between applications so you can collaborate directly from the native software in real-time with other users in your team. No extra tools to use, no extra interfaces, no more barriers to adoption.

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Concurrent Engineering

The robust connectivity provided by the Radical Universal Server creates what we like to call Universal Command Sharing. This enables software packages like CAD, PLM, BIM, or even clients created with other third party technologies such as Unity or Unreal Engine to become powerful collaboration tools that unlock the potential of true concurrent engineering.

your next feature

Bring native collaboration to your existing software portfolio.

Work in real-time

Synchronise native commands between applications in real-time via the Radical Universal Server.

Reclaim Productivity

Bring back pre-Covid levels of ad-hoc collaboration across design teams.

Monetise User Base

No friction, no new user interface, no new software required.

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Design review for suppliers, customers and executives

The Radical SDK will allow design reviews to move beyond the PC by enabling the secure pixel streaming of any 2D and 3D data to mobile, desktop or conference device. This option allows key stakeholders such as executives and suppliers to more effectively participate in reviews resulting in more timely decision making. Remote teams may collaborate in their native applications to ensure that simple misunderstandings do not turn into expensive design mistakes.

Ignite Discussion

Open up early-stage collaboration to include external customers and suppliers to minimise design errors.

Stream in Confidence

Secure and instant way of sharing views of full CAD data with non-CAD users.

See it for yourself

Switch viewpoints from any participant and stream their unique point of view at any time.

use your own tools

No friction, no new user interface, no new software required.

The Base Unit of Collaboration

Read more about the main differences between conferencing and collaboration and why the Radical SDK from Masters of Pie will make your whole organisation more effective.


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