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Masters of Pie is the collaboration solution that brings people, data and immersive tools together to get work done. From the automotive, space, aviation, healthcare, defence, and manufacturing sectors, companies around the world are using the Radical software development kit to connect their teams and drive productivity gains.


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What are we solving

Enterprise software applications do not natively support real-time synchronisation, collaboration and immersive experiences. The current approach is to prepare and export data into a standalone immersive solution to review a lower quality version of the original model. This approach is time consuming, does not leverage the latest data, supports conferencing but not collaboration, and provides limited insights as the solution is based on a sanitised version of the data.


The Radical SDK integrates directly into the existing Enterprise software application to enable seamless and secure sharing of complex 2D and 3D data across AR/VR, Desktop and Mobile devices. 

Masters of Pie take the solution to the application overcoming any need to export data by securing access at source, ensuring teams are working with the most up to date information at all times. The collaborative solution embeds and complements the existing processes to become an integrated part of the day to day workflow.

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"The architectural approach of the Radical platform
allows the engineering truth of complex models to be retained whilst still enabling interworking within AR/VR. When fused with IoT instrumentation, the ability to unlock this data marks the start of a digital twin's journey on a digital thread."


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We live by our mission to enable collaboration and working more effectively starts with our own company. Masters of Pie is building a software solution we believe in – as well as a strong, diverse team of curious, creative people who want to do their best work and support each other in the process.