Deliver XR Solutions to the factory floor

Create XR Collaboration workflows that bring together remote experts, field workforce, and enriched digital twins combining 3D and contextual data from industrial streams to improve product assembly, equipment maintenance, layout simulation, and create a path for smart manufacturing.

one single point of truth

Radical’s unique approach of integrating into the data source ensures the single point of truth is the same for every user when working together – no matter where they are located or what device they wish to use.

Integrate XR Collaboration

Remote Expert Assistance

"Rolls Royce hold secure data for a number of industries along with highly sensitive IP data. We do not wish to constantly extract the data from our enterprise class systems in order to view our data in VR/AR/XR scenarios, which would clearly bypass our security principles. Therefore, our absolute need is to be able to integrate the Radical platform into the rest of our PLM system."

Unplanned downtime in manufacturing is one of the largest causes of lost productivity. Recent studies estimate that unplanned downtime costs industrial manufacturers an estimated $50 billion each year. Accessing an expert on-site for diagnosing and fixing complex machinery on the factory floor is often time consuming and expensive. With XR collaboration solutions, remote experts centrally 

located can be brought into a spatial environment to help address mechanical problems in the field. This solution brings both the data and people together in real time to deliver significantly quicker diagnostics and restoration times, while allowing a centralised team of experts to support efficiently dispersed teams around the world and reducing downtime.

Other xr use cases powered by radical sdk

Augmented assembly

Reduce assemlby costs from human-error moving beyond 2D based instructions. Leverage full spatial computing to bring a new dimension to assembly workflows. Precisely overlay the digital twin over physical objects to guide assembly workers using spatial instructions.

xr plant comissioning

Fail and optimise in software before deploying to the real world. The Radical software integration enables planning and production simulations using the digital twin. Allow plant operators to virtually tour the planned layout and simulate machinery operations before committing to the physical roll out.

Robotic Simulation

Use the digital twin visualisation to simulate robotic motion in situ powered by the Radical software integration. Deploy full scale holograms of manufacturing machinery onto the factory floor. Perform tasks like adjusting motion coordinates in XR before updating the physical robot to identify potential clash detections and prevent downtime.

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