Develop Your Own extended reality

The Radical SDK is a software development kit that can be easily integrated into existing enterprise software applications. This integration allows for the real-time sharing of complex 2D and 3D data across various devices like AR, VR, desktop, and mobile in a secure manner.

introducing radical sdk

Radical is a modular software development kit that turns enterprise software applications into future-proof collaborative solutions. The native integration approach allows software users to access, manipulate and collaborate using complex data in real-time. Unlike other real-time solutions, Radical removes data preparation, file conversion, and time consuming exports out of the equation to improve your existing workflows.

XR Collaboration as your next feature

As a white labelled embedded solution the Radical SDK functions as a natural extension of your software application to enable immersive visualisation and real-time collaboration. See how Siemens Digital Industries have licensed our Radical software to embed the single click VR experience directly into the NX CAD software to power VR collaborative design reviews.

One single point of truth

Radical’s unique approach of integrating at the data source ensures the single point of “truth” is the same for everybody when working together—no matter where they are located or what device they wish to use. The Radical SDK combines the power of an integrated solution at source with spatial computing and real-time data to deliver a paradigm shift in how teams work together.

it speaks the same language

Radical is developed using C# and .NET frameworks making it easy to integrate with and extend both web services and native C++ libraries.

FLEXIBLE Deployment Options




endless Toolkit

Radical comes with a powerful library of tools for you to incorporate into your own immersive collaboration solution. The library is also customisable meaning you can design your own tools for your own needs.
many more
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A common challenge in enterprise applications is the myriad of data types that need to be visualised and synchronised. Radical has been designed from the ground up to deliver real-time XR Collaboration.

Work in real-time

Synchronise native commands between applications in real-time via the Radical Collaboration Server.


Live link to the underlying host package to dynamically pull/push relevant metadata or host features.

Build your own tools

Build your own tools on top of the Radical SDK to further customise or enhance the experience.


Radical is embedded into your existing processes to complement the existing security measures.

Modular Framework

Select the features and functionalities required to create new AR/VR, Desktop and Mobile experiences.

Immersive in one click

Launch the VR or AR session via one-click access with no data preparation required.

See the right context

Supplement immersive experience with real-time IoT, ERP, MES, GIS data streams for added context.

See it in more detail

Immersive AR/VR environments, adding a whole new dimension of insights to your complex data.

The Future of collaboration starts here.

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