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Radical supports many variations of enterprise collaboration from native 2D to AR and VR tools through to connected systems in smart factories. The key to enabling true real-time collaboration is to start with the data source and ensure that this single point of “truth” is the same for everybody when working together—no matter where they are located or what device they wish to use.

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The Radical SDK is now licensed by over 200 industry leaders around the world.  By taking the collaboration solution to the data, the Radical SDK is the ideal solution to bring clarity to all stakeholders in the product development process from design to manufacturing.

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What People Say

"The architectural approach of the Radical software framework allows the engineering truth of complex models to be retained whilst still enabling interworking within the restricted modelling world of AR and VR. When fused with IoT instrumentation, the ability to unlock this data marks the start of a digital twin’s journey on a digital thread."
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"The in-person design review and all the challenges which came with it are a distant memory now that we have the ability to conduct design reviews in VR. We don't need to travel or produce physical prototypes now and we can do more ad-hoc reviews than we could with a room-based system."
Real-time 3D Collaboration using AR and VR

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The Radical SDK combines the power of an integrated solution at the data source with spatial computing and real-time data to deliver a paradigm shift in how teams work together. Radical is embedded into existing workflow processes and connected to multiple data sources to deliver the contextual experience required to make better informed decisions.


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