Reinventing Defence with XR Collaboration

From mission planning to maintenance and repair of equipment, the defence industry requires real-time information provided in context to help professionals make the right decisions at the right time. By combining multiple real-time data sources with immersive technologies the Radical SDK opens a new path for innovation where the physical world is enhanced by collaborative extended reality (XR).

XR Collaboration not Conferencing

The Masters of Pie market-proven data-agnostic XR collaboration solution is ideal for Defence applications as it brings people and complex real-time data together. The same Radical software framework is able to support a broad range of solutions for maintenance, logistics, healthcare, engineering, training, product design, intelligence and planning.

Integrate XR Collaboration

Common Intelligence Picture

" Masters of Pie implemented an agile development process in the delivery of the augmented reality digital bird table experience. The adoption of this process was a critical factor in the project team's ability to over deliver on the original objectives. "

The current mission planning processes operate in a rigid environment that relies heavily on overlaying enormous amounts of prepared data on a physical map. The complexity of the process is prone to human error as it involves a lot of manual work, requires complex logistics to bring experts into remote locations, and impacts decision making that needs to be coordinated and performed in a timely manner.

The visualisation of the Common Intelligence Picture developed by Masters of Pie is a collaborative AR solution that solves these problems by integrating multiple real-time data sources including intelligence, geospatial data, and non-verbal communication tools. The solution digitalises and simplifies the process, enables decentralised participation and ensures decisions are made leveraging the latest available data.

Other xr use cases powered by radical

Digital Twins

Fail in software before failing in the physical world. Analyse and simulate issues before they occur, reduce downtime, and better plan production and operations.

Immersive Design Review

Conduct immersive design reviews on aircraft, vehicles, facilities and much more by integrating directly into any CAD/PLM software, reducing production costs and accelerating time-to-market.

Remote expert assist

Bring remote experts and complex 2D and 3D data together to diagnose issues, support maintenance processes, and train teams in the field on complex procedures.

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