Make your Unity Application Collaborative.

Use our APIs and development tools and enhance your Unity applications with real-time collaboration functionalities.

a modern api

A modern, lightweight, API built for speed and ease of understanding. Handle complex data ingest and synchronisation using familiar .NET standards that allows you to build secure, efficient ,collaborative enterprise applications.

Synchronise anything

The Radical Object data model allows almost any data to be marshalled into the Radical Scene. The key benefit of the Radical object is out the box synchronisation. Once an object (like a 3D object) has been consumed and an equivalent Radical object created, any state changes made to the object within the Radical scene can be tracked, stored and synchronised via the Radical session controller.

Unity Support

Unity developers can take advantage of the Radical SDK with a lightweight package that can be dropped into their applications and made collaborative with a few lines of code.

delivering innovation through xr collaboration

Radical is used by the most forward thinking organisations to transform the way they work by bringing people and data together, no matter where they are or device they wish to use.

Immersive Design Review

Extending CAD applications with VR collaboration functionalities.

mission planning and logistics

Upgrading British military mission planning mapping for the 21st century.

xr collaboration for Unity

Providing Unity developers with enterprise grade collaborative tools.


A common challenge in enterprise apps is the myriad of data types that need to be visualised and synchronised. Radical has been designed from the ground up to tackle this problem.

C# .NET 6

Built for speed and ease of understanding, the Radical API is designed to allow developers to make any data structure collaborative in their applications in a short space of time. 

Radical Session Controller

Deployable via docker to windows and Linux OS the Radical session controller is an authoritative server managing the state of all Radical objects within the scene e.g. User avatars, 3D data objects etc.

Radical Session Manager

The session manager uses REST API’s to allow developers to create interfaces that allow users to create, edit, delete sessions (e.g. “rooms” for clients to join). It also includes a permission system allowing power user and guest roles.

Build and deploy onto any platform

Download the SDK to compile into Windows and Linux (Red Hat, Ubuntu, Centos ) platforms. Either on-premise or in the cloud.

Full Docker Support

Radical has full support for Windows and Linux containers.

Unity Support

Drop a Radical SDK package direct into Unity. Using the API you can make your Unity game objects synchronisable with the Radical session controller.

No restrictive third-party licenses

Radical SDK is propriety software and does not depend on 3rd party libraries to function.

Enterprise Ready

Rigorously security tested by our Defence and PLM customers means the Radical SDK can be used with confidence to build applications for the cloud or on-premise.

Virtual Reality support

Radical works great with virtual reality desktop applications in Unity.

Svg Vector Icons :

HoloLens support

The Radical SDK can be deployed alongside C# HoloLens or Unity applications. (Coming Soon)

Svg Vector Icons :

HoloLens support

The Radical SDK can be deployed alongside C# HoloLens or Unity applications. (Coming Soon)


Pull ESRI GIS data into a Radical session controller either on the cloud or on a local network. Share this data with clients using Radical objects. (Coming Soon)

SAP HANA support

A radical application can consume data from a SAP HANA database allowing developers to visualise and synchronise state changes to this data across the network. (Coming Soon)


Radical is a software development kit developed by Masters of Pie that is designed to enable XR use cases for enterprise.

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