The future of collaboration

Learn why leading enterprises like Siemens Digital Industries, Rolls-Royce, and Williams Advanced Engineering rely on Radical SDK to create a new way of working that brings together geographically dispersed teams and complex data to work and collaborate in real-time using AR/VR, Desktop and Mobile devices.

Integrate with any data source

Radical integrates with enterprise applications like CAD, GiS, ERP, BIM and PLM software adding real-time collaboration functionalities that allow geographically dispersed teams to work together.

take solution to the data

Radical leverages secure and existing workflows and avoiding the need to export sensitive data to standalone applications. This is why it is the collaboration tool of choice for industries like Aerospace and Defense.

create a new way of working

Radical is able to bring the underlying software features to the spatial computing world, allowing you to overlay contextual data in situ, creating a new way of working that is not possible on flatscreen.

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XR collaboration for cad

The Radical SDK embeds directly into the CAD application to deliver a natural extension to your design workflow. Launch single user or collaborative VR from within the CAD package with one-click and no data preparation, improving the richness and overall efficiency of your team reviews.

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“The in-person design review and all the challenges which came with it are a distant memory now that we have the ability to conduct design reviews in VR.”