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Choosing The Right XR SDK

Choosing the Right XR SDK

Discover the pros and cons of open-source and proprietary XR SDKs, helping you choose the ideal software development kit for your project.


The 3 Pillars of Collaborative Software

The Three Pillars of Collaboration

Masters of Pie’s approach to providing this new connected landscape is unique in that we take the collaboration to the data by allowing Radical to be integrated directly into the software where that data resides, no matter the type of application.

Discuss, don’t review

Allow members of the wider team to get involved earlier in the design process. Add immersive tools to help troubleshoot potential problems whilst the solution is still in the digital form. Create space for comments and discussion to harness the power of your team.

The Base Unit of Collaboration

We could bring the data into the collaborative environment but this leads to a multitude of import/exporting activities which break the will of all involved (it becomes easier not to have the conversation in this case), or we could take the collaboration to the data. This is the main difference between conferencing and collaborating.

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