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Lay the Foundations – Building the Collaborative Thread

The current pandemic is accelerating the adoption of immersive collaboration solutions for industry to bring geographically dispersed teams together. The largest engineering firms in the world will now have to accelerate plans to adopt these solutions.

COVID-19 – Bringing remote working into sharp focus

The current COVID crisis has forced enterprise to rapidly innovate in order to keep the wheels moving, albeit slowly, in their respective businesses. So what will the collaboration solution space look like after the pandemic has passed? And with the threat of a second wave hanging over us, how do we prepare?

Meet me on the other side

Are we missing anything now that we no longer have face-to -face meetings? If so, could we use immersive technology to help get some of it back?

Introducing the PowerCube™

Face-to-face meetings can get out of hand and end up with everyone talking at the same time, with no one listening. Or, more often, some people are paying attention while others are on their laptops, distracted by things they deem to be more important.

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